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RAW Artists: Omaha Spectrum Show

April 11, 2014

I had the priviledge of being a part  of the RAW Omaha show once again. Thanks to all who came out, visited my booth, and purchased prints! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


You can see a lot more photos from the entire event here:

Howlin' Hounds Coffee House

Feb 15 to March 15, 2014

I was part of an art opening at Howlin' Hounds Coffee! This is a great little coffee house in downtown Omaha, and it is dog friendly!

Check out their facebook page!


Glacial Til Tasting Room


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RAW Artists:Omaha Marvel Show

April 10, 2013

RAW:natural born artists is an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists.


RAW operates in over 50 cities across the U.S. and Australia. Every event, RAW hand-selects 40+ artists and bring them together for a collaborative showcase.


What can you expect when attending a RAW Showcase? You'll experience independent short films, fashion shows, musical performances, an art gallery featuring several independent visual artists and photographers, and performance art (comedy/dance/fire dancers, you name it...). You'll get a little taste of everything. Combine all this creativity with drinks, fun, and good company!


I was lucky to be a part of the very first RAW:Omaha showcase. While it was a much smaller event than typical, it was still a good experience and a great way to get my foot in the door. I was able to showcase some of my favorite pieces, and even sold a few things.


Thanks to all of my family and friends who attended! I plan to do a future Omaha show, as well as one of the many other cites RAW has events in.

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